Don’t let Democracy Die in Thailand

In May of 2014, a brutal and illegal military coup overthrew the duly elected government in Thailand, with tanks and military hardware and soldiers in the streets of this peaceful country.

The military stranglehold on the Thai people- and the principles of freedom and democracy- remain in full force today, 5 years later!

The coup was led by General Prayuth Chan-O-cha and his cohorts under the pre-text they would tackle corruption, solve unspecified civil conflicts and reform politics. Since General Prayuth’s ascension as military dictator, corruption is worse than ever, civil conflicts have brought widespread suffering and economic hardship, and the promised political reforms were simply laughable- an appointed Senate body of 250 members loyal only to the military junta, a new constitution written by the dictators, not the people or their representatives, and they have implemented a National Strategy written by the junta, for the junta which guarantees their chokehold on power in Thailand until 2028.

This year’s sham National Election was designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to ‘legitimize’ the junta and install the military coup leader General Prayuth as Thailand’s Prime Minister. International election monitors and journalists from around the world saw the election for what it was, in the words of the highly respected The Economist magazine, an election “all for show….the generals plan to remain in charge, whatever the voters say.” “Thailand’s Rigged Election” screamed their headline.

We are asking for your help. The oppressed and silenced people of Thailand need your help! Please join our International Committee to Restore Human Rights and Democracy in Thailand by signing the attached Petition demanding Thai Democracy Now! We will collect your opinion and forward it, along with thousands of others, to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. We will also make your voice heard to the Thai Consulate in New York, demanding new elections early next Spring, internationally monitored and regulated, with no restrictions on political parties, assembly, free speech and political communications.

Can we count on your support? The Thai people desperately need you to join them, NOW.