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Reuters - Sep 2019

Hard right: Political divide deepens in Thailand

A new term is gaining ground in Thailand’s political vocabulary: “Chung-Chart”, which translates roughly as “nation-hater”. The term is used by ardent supporters of the monarchy and military to label anyone they see as a threat in a kingdom where polarization between the ruling establishment and Thais seeking change has become even sharper after the end of junta rule this year.

Crisis in Thailand
Cato Institute - Jun 2019

Thailand’s Military Dictatorship Lives On

The junta headed by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha lives on. He seized power five years ago, installing himself as prime minister at the head of the self-proclaimed National Council for Peace and Order.

TRT World - Mar 2019

Thai elections: a struggle between democracy and the military

Although the military-crafted constitution puts pro-democratic forces at a disadvantage, the pro-military parties still have a long way ahead to form the new government.

DW - Jun 2018

Opinion: Thailand's democratic dictatorship

Although Thailand's military junta has now been formally elected into office, its hold on power shows that the country's politics are a tangled hybrid of democracy and authoritarianism, says Pravit Rojanaphruk.