The Committee for Human Rights and Democracy has a clear mission, to restore human rights and democracy to Thailand. Thai Democracy Now. Thai Human Rights Now.

Our organization is a non-profit, international committee comprising political and human rights leaders, Thai ex-pats living on five continents, and free people everywhere who are concerned with the extreme denial of basic human rights and democracy imposed on the Thai people by a military junta since a punishing coup in May 2014.

The dictatorial junta that has ruled Thailand since 2014 has imposed martial law, instituted a new Constitution to ensure its continued power and control, established new rules for elections, and appointed all 250 members of the Senate, among several despotic steps they have forced against the people’s voices and freedoms.

In March of 2019, the junta conducted a sham national election, restricting information and assembly, and limiting opposition parties’ dialogue with voters. No wonder that The Economist magazine recently reported on "Thailand’s Rigged Election" saying plainly, that it was "all for show…the generals plan to remain in charge, whatever the voters say." The leader of the coup in 2014 became the illegitimate Prime Minister of Thailand in 2019, after five years of dictatorship.

Reports by several human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Thai Alliance for Human Rights, have charged the military junta with gross, systematic, and violent affronts to human rights, including abduction of students, artists, political dissidents, and refugees. Such are the methods of oppression employed by a military regime on the peaceful people of an otherwise peaceful country.

The time has come for freedom-loving people of all nations to support the Thai people and unite in outrage against the military junta controlling Thailand. Our organization will not yield or rest until this despotic dictatorship releases its stranglehold on the Thai government and human rights and democracy are restored to Thailand. Thai Democracy Now. Thai Human Rights Now.