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The Brutal October 6 - 6 ตุลามหาโหด

Remembering a solemn occasion, and the brutality of dictatorships. Read more about the Thammasat University massacre on Wikipedia »

The Brutal October 6
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Freedom House Scores

Source: Freedom House

Thailand is Not Free


Thailand flagFreedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, rates Thailand 30/100, or "not free."

The groups writes: "Thailand is ruled by a military junta that conducted a coup in 2014, claiming that it would put an end to a political crisis that had gripped the country for almost a decade. As the military government imposes its rule, it has exercised unchecked powers granted by the constitution to restrict civil and political rights, and to suppress dissent."

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Thai military
Reuters - Sept. 2019

Hard right: Political divide deepens in Thailand

A new term is gaining ground in Thailand’s political vocabulary: “Chung-Chart”, which translates roughly as “nation-hater”. The term is used by ardent supporters of the monarchy and military to label anyone they see as a threat in a kingdom where polarization between the ruling establishment and Thais seeking change has become even sharper after the end of junta rule this year.